Fincastle Membership Information

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Fincastle on the Mountain. Fincastle offers all of the excellence of a traditional country club, maintaining formality when desired, but also offering a more relaxed, casual atmosphere for those with more informal tastes.

Our well-known 18-hole Dick Wilson design golf course offers a wide variety of opportunities for all players, regardless of skill level. We have implemented new golf formats in order for everyone to be involved in play and offer a Wednesday morning golf scramble for members and non members.

Our executive chef is causing enthusiasm among our members and is anxious to serve you. Other amenities include our Olympic size swimming pool and four professional tennis courts along with an inviting atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy.

Please review this information relating to the application process (the dues structure sheet, the member classification sheet and the application form) and if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our business office at 276-326-1178, e-mail to 

We look forward to having you as a member of our Fincastle family. 

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Fincastle on the Mountain - Dues Structure
Category Initiation Fees Monthly Food Minimum Club Minimum (Monthly) Privileges
1. Full Family Resident (Age 41 & Over)

$0.00 $375.00 n/a -$96.69 Unlimited Clubhouse, Pool, Tennis & Golf.
2. Full Single Resident (Age 41 & Over)
Unmarried members who do not have dependent children.
$0.00 $325.00 n/a

3. Junior Associate Family (Age 40 & Under)
All family members must be under age 41.

$0.00 $250.00 n/a -$53.32
4. Junior Associate Single(Age 40 & Under)

$0.00 $200.00 n/a -$46.78
5. Corporate
Corporate members must sponsor a minimum of two active members. A corporation may elect to change employees as needed. All previous bills must first be paid in full by either the employee or the corporation.  For every 6 paid memberships, the corporation will receive 2 free memberships.

$0.00  $375.00 n/a

6. Social Plus $0.00 $160.00 $90.00 -$36.78 Unlimited Clubhouse, Pool & Tennis. Fee Based Golf Four Times Per Year with 50% discount on green fees for all family members.
7. Social

$0.00 $160.00 $90.00 -$31.20 Unlimited Clubhouse.
8. Non-Resident
This category is for members and their immediate family, who reside with them or immediate family who are attending school or college. Members using this category must be domiciled outside a 100 air mile radius of the Club at least 182 days per year, file income tax from that address and receive mail at that address at least 182 days per year. These members may own property in the counties of Tazewell, Mercer, and Bland.

$0.00 $350.00 n/a

-$42.98 Unlimited Clubhouse, Pool, Tennis & Golf.
9. Individual and Family Non Resident Golfer(s)
Must be a resident(s) of Buchanan, Russell, Smyth, Wythe, Pulaski, Giles counties in Virginia or McDowell, Wyoming, Raleigh, Summers counties of West Virginia which are the adjoining counties to Tazewell, Mercer, and Bland. Owners of residential property in Tazewell, Mercer, or Bland counties will not be eligible for this membership.

Golf, Clubhouse Privileges and Pool.
$0.00 $165.00 n/a

Family(2 Golfers) n/a

$0.00 $250.00 n/a

10. Individual Social Non Resident
Domiciled outside of a 100 air mile radius of Fincastle 365 days a year. See additional details on the Membership Classifications Sheet.

$0.00 $600.00 Annually n/a

$4.73 Unlimited Clubhouse, fee based Pool, fee based tennis, & fee based golf eight(8) times during 30 days of consecutive or non-consecutive use.

* For every 10 paid corporate memberships, the company will receive a reduction in dues to $325.00 per member and will get three free members, average cost of $250.00 per member.

** will be paid in four increments in January, April, July and October

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Print Dues Structure